10 Best Obsidian Bracelet Ideas and Picks

Conscious, soul-cleansing, and meaningful: those are three words you normally wouldn’t associate with an accessory. But that’s how obsidian bracelets are seen in 2021, making them one of the more popular ideas for meaningful jewelry. 

Feng Shui jewelry is said to bring balance to your life by balancing out negative and positive energy and emotion. Feng shui bracelets– including obsidian– are said to keep you balanced and mindful of your intentions. Obsidian and other Feng Shui bracelets for others are a reminder of self-care and even have roots in family, tradition, and culture. 

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy, is also believed to harness energy to provide harmony. And bracelets are one of the most popular ways to do so. It makes sense that soul-cleansing stones like obsidian are enjoying more attention in 2020 and 2021. After the turmoil and nearly two years of uncertainty, even those who don’t practice Feng Shui are drawn toward accessories that are meaningful and symbolic. 

And while obsidian bracelets may be seen as unconventional vs. fine jewelry like diamond tennis bracelets, the truth is that they’re among the most common forms of Feng Shui jewelry. But is this type of bracelet right for you? 

In the article, I’ll tell you about the meaning of an obsidian bracelet, the pros and cons, and how to select the best one. I’ll also give you my favorite ideas for obsidian bracelet styles. 

At a Glance: Best Obsidian Bracelets

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What’s obsidian used for?

Obsidian has a rich history and has been used for hundreds of thousands of years for weapons, implements, tools, mirrors, and now jewelry. Knives, arrowheads, and scrapers have been common uses due to the ability to sharpen the edge of obsidian easily. Ancient civilizations, including Indigenous peoples, Ancient Greece, and Rome, were known to use obsidian widely. To this day, it continues to prove its wide range of uses due to its abundance and versatility. 

What’s so special about obsidian?

Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass. When lava cools quickly, igneous rocks, like obsidian, are created. It’s beloved for its unique smooth and uniform appearance, which is not true of all igneous rocks. This appearance makes it easier to polish and craft into accessories. But more importantly, obsidian is rich in symbolic meaning. 

What is the meaning of obsidian?

Obsidian is seen as a protective element against negative energies to help you stay grounded. Found around the world in abundance, it’s become one the most popular stones for healing, shamans, and spiritualists. 

Many believe that obsidian promotes healthy circulation and better digestion. By balancing out negative energy, obsidian is thought to be a useful stone for centering your life and preparing you to face challenging situations. By providing balance, some believe obsidian can also connect you with a higher level of spirituality that is often clouded through life’s challenges and distractions.

For others, it’s a symbol of culture, tradition, and even heritage. 

Is obsidian good for a bracelet?

Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian is one of the most popular types of Feng Shui bracelets— but is it the best choice for you? Rich in symbolism and meaning– not to mention versatile, it’s easy to see why so many are drawn towards the bracelet type. Easily worn with casual outfits and lightweight, obsidian bracelets do have upsides, but also some downsides. 

Is obsidian durable?

While obsidian is thought to be a strong stone, likely due to its association with weapons and arrowheads- the truth is that it’s fairly soft. Obsidian is 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale. For comparison, many popular colored gemstones are 7 to 8.5, while moissanite has a hardness rating of 9 to 9.5 and diamonds are a 10. Hardness determines how easy it is to scratch or dent the surface. Thus, obsidian is easily scratched, even by everyday wear. 

Another measure of variability is toughness. Toughness measures how brittle material is– how easy it is to break off or chip. Unfortunately, obsidian is a brittle material. If you drop or bang up against something, your obsidian may become damaged. 

How much is an obsidian bracelet worth?

Obsidian isn’t very valuable, but value does depend on the type and quality of obsidian you buy. A single piece of obsidian costs anywhere from $1 to $100. The good news is that bracelets cost as little as under $20 or even under $10. Since obsidian is not very durable, spending precious little somewhat mitigates this downside. 

Can I sleep with my obsidian bracelet?

Sleeping with an obsidian bracelet is a poor choice. Since it’s a soft and brittle stone, restless sleep could damage your bracelet. If your bracelet does chip, it may splinter with sharp edges. Regardless, it’s not a good idea. 

Can obsidian get wet?

Water itself doesn’t damage obsidian. If you’re caught in the rain, there’s no true harm being done. It’s the context that matters. Soap and cleaning agents can dull stones over time. Chlorinated water can also do well. In other words, don’t worry about getting your bracelet wet, but remove it before showering or swimming in most cases. 

How do you find the best obsidian bracelet?

From telling if your obsidian bracelet is real to paying attention to the bracelet quality, here are my criteria for finding and selecting the best obsidian bracelets

How do I know if my obsidian bracelet is real?

For many bracelets, low prices are a sign something may be fake. But since genuine obsidian is already affordable, you can’t go by price alone. Real obsidian has a glass-like luster and is brittle but still harder than the glass on the average window. Obsidian is most commonly a deep black, but can also be red or brown and a rainbow. Rainbow obsidian is sometimes referred to as rainbow eye. It’s often black, with rainbow undertones– not fully bright beads. 

 Tiny gas bubbles can also present a golden hue. Colors outside of this range may indicate fake obsidian. Another good rule of thumb is to buy only from someone who provides pictures, a description, and positive reviews. 

What is the best material for an obsidian bracelet?

For fine jewelry, I’ll often suggest 14K gold, 18K gold, and platinum. But obsidian is a casual bracelet and is meant to be both comfortable and practical. Waxed cotton cords, polyethylene, and nylon are commonly used for stretch bracelets. If you opt for the precious metal, avoid gold plating (except gold vermeil), which can peel and fade. 

What’s the best type of obsidian? 

Sheen obsidian is one of the most commonly used. Snowflake obsidian forms white, snow-flake-like crystals, while rainbow obsidian showcases a full array of hues. These different types of obsidian are created based upon how lava cools, but there is no true advantage over the other. You’ll find black obsidian bracelets are the most common and popular for colors, but there isn’t inherently an advantage for one color over another. 

It’s also important to understand that rainbow obsidian is more subtle than you might imagine. It features a black to deep brown in dark lighting but emits red, blue, gold, violet, and green under bright light.

What’s the best cut for obsidian?

The key is to look for obsidian with a high, polished luster. Rounded and polished cuts are preferred. These cuts are aesthetically pleasing and practical due to the brittle nature and naturally sharp edges of obsidian. 

Obsidian Bracelets: My Picks

Black and Golden Obsidian Bracelets

Black obsidian is a deep hue and is most often polished in round stones, associated with mystery and spirituality, some belief it to be cleansing. Black obsidian is also known as a protective stone, is widely available, and is highly affordable.

It’s long been associated with drawing negativity out, cutting harmful ties off, and leaving toxicity. Some wear it when in the process of struggling with relationships or work. A black obsidian bracelet is a classic and among the most popular of all forms of Feng Shui bracelets. 

Golden obsidian is far rarer and is usually seen in combination with other Feng Shui stones, such as black tourmaline. Gold obsidian is said to represent enlightenment, insight, and intuition. 

Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet

Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet

This is a basic black obsidian bracelet, thoughtfully designed. Also available in rainbow obsidian, this bracelet features a comfy elastic bland for everyday wear. Subtle symbols of a dragon and phoenix are etched on the stones. The phoenix symbolizes change, energy, and resurrection, while the dragon symbolizes masculinity, protection, and strength. Buy Here

Soul Cleansing Black Obsidian Bracelet | Conscious Items

For a thorough cleansing of the soul, Black Obsidian is the ultimate choice. It’s known as a mirror stone, enabling profound self-reflection that lets you uncover hidden truths about yourself.

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Golden Obsidian Protection Bracelet

Golden Obsidian Protection Bracelet

This unique bracelet features golden obsidian on a comfortable, elastic band and is meant to exude fiery energy. The gold obsidian is polished in round beads, with gold and black undertones for a striking and meaningful look. It’s also worn to ward off anxiety, fear, and anger. Buy Here

Golden Obsidian Protection Bracelet | Conscious Items

Think of Golden Obsidian as your magic crystal bodyguard. It flips seemingly negative experiences into positive ones. Instead of focusing on the negative in a situation, it highlights the positive and amplifies those emotions.

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Fox Guardian Black Obsidian Bracelet

Fox Guardian Black Obsidian Bracelet

This black obsidian bracelet stretches delicately around your wrist with polished natural beads and a unique accent. The nine-tail fox pendant is meant to boost confidence and mindfulness and enhance the protective quality of black obsidian. The bracelet also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Buy Here

Manifestation Bracelet, Protection Bracelet, Black Tourmaline, Gold Obsidian

Manifestation Bracelet, Protection Bracelet, Black Tourmaline, Gold Obsidian

Not sure if you want a pure obsidian bracelet? This bestselling bracelet on Etsy pairs golden obsidian with black tourmaline for a meaningful, protective bracelet. All-natural, genuine gemstones are strung on a handmade bracelet with a simple tie enclosure. Black tourmaline is said to ground energies and block out negativity. Buy Here

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelets

Rainbow obsidian is a bit more unique and, obviously, colorful. It’s mostly seen as a beacon of hope. While black obsidian bracelets are said to protect against negative energy, rainbow obsidian brings forth light and exudes illumination and positive energy. Those who practice Feng Shui often wear rainbow obsidian bracelets while battling anxiety and depression or feeling despair. 

Anti-stress Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

Anti-stress Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

This beautiful but simple beaded bracelet showcases the beauty of rainbow obsidian. Under bright light, you’ll see an array of iridescent hues, all amplified with polished round obsidian stones. Highly rated by customers, this bracelet is meant to bring forth relief from stress and bright light to one’s life. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Buy Here.

Natural Stone Black Rainbow Eye Obsidian Healing Bracelet

Natural Stone Black Rainbow Eye Obsidian Healing Bracelet

This beautiful polished obsidian bracelet is handmade and a bestseller on Etsy. The black beads emit rainbow hues when exposed to sunlight and are meant to symbolize the parting of unresolved conflict and negative towards a hopeful future. Buy Here.

Natural Stone Black Rainbow Eye Obsidian Healing Bracelet-Grounding Meditation Balancing Calm Bracelet

Top Natural Rainbow Black Obsidian Beads

This handmade rainbow obsidian bracelet is beautiful under light and created by a well-rated Etsy store. The adjustable band is comfortable and also fits a boho aesthetic. The flood of beautiful light is meant to illuminate light and love in your life. 

Amethyst and Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

Amethyst and Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

This dainty bracelet pairs amethyst with rainbow obsidian; handmade, with silver details, amethyst beads provide a lavender hue nestled beside polished rainbow obsidian beads. Amethyst, also the birthstone for February, is meant to promote insight, intuition, and protection. 

Top Natural Rainbow Black Obsidian Beads

Top Natural Rainbow Black Obsidian Beads

This beautiful beaded bracelet is handmade and highly praised by consumers. A unique, freeform beaded design provides a natural and hippie aesthetic; hand craved for an authentic touch. Green, lavender, and blue undertones emit under a light. This bracelet is meant to relieve stress and balance emotional energy. Buy Here

Rainbow Black Obsidian & Opalite Bracelet

Rainbow Black Obsidian & Opalite Bracelet

This unique handmade bracelet features a beautiful minimalist style; a round-cut, smooth Opalite gemstone pairs with polished black obsidian stones. Opalite is said to bring forth anything hidden and break down boundaries or limitations.  The contrast between creamy white and black is stunning, but so are the rainbow hues when they catch the light. Buy Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the rarest color of obsidian?

Answer: While black and gray with banding are the most common hues, any obsidian with blue or green undertones is considered to be rare. As such, approach buying any of those colors with caution, ensuring that you’re buying genuine, not fake, obsidian. If you’re longing for a unique look, rainbow obsidian may be a good choice. Rainbow obsidian is unique in that it appears brown or black at first, but features colors amongst the spectrum when exposed to light. 

Question: How do you clean a black obsidian feng shui bracelet?

Answer: From a simple care sense, water can wash off dirt, dust, and debris. But those that practice Feng Shui believes in both recharging and cleansing stones. An obsidian bracelet is regularly washed with cool water and cleaned with a dry cloth. Avoid any harsh soaps or detergents, which can mar the surface appearance. Taking care of black obsidian is luckily fairly low maintenance, making it a versatile bracelet. 

Question: Where is obsidian found in the US?

Answer: Obsidian, as a normal of volcanic glass, is naturally found in volcanic regions around the world. In the United States, obsidian is abundant in mountainous western states, southwestern states, and specifically Oregon, California, and Washington State. Obsidian is commonly found in Museums and at historical sites, including Native American tools, jewelry, and other materials.

Question: Who should wear black obsidian?

Answer: There are no true limits on who can wear black obsidian. Black obsidian is a versatile stone and worn by many. That said, some who practice Feng Shui do have some rules about how black obsidian should be worn. Some believe that anyone over 70 years old should only wear black obsidian on their left hands, and not in the form of a pixiu bracelet.

If you don’t practice Feng Shui, the only limitation would be your lifestyle. I wouldn’t recommend wearing black obsidian during heavy activity or contact sports. Black obsidian is a soft material and also brittle, meaning it could shatter or scratch easily. It’s also important to note that, when cleaved, black obsidian has sharp edges. So, in short, only wear black obsidian when it makes sense, and feel free to wear it with whatever you want. 

Final Thoughts

Obsidian bracelets are meaningful and versatile, but they do require care while wearing them. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals or go swimming while wearing an obsidian bracelet. Water shouldn’t harm your bracelet, but I recommend drying it after washing. Are you looking for an obsidian bracelet alternative? If you still want a Feng Shui bracelet, Tiger’s Eye bracelets are a great choice. Less brittle, and with a Mohs hardness rating of 7, they’re more durable but still symbolic and used for Feng Shui. The colorful metamorphic rock is said to bolster self-confidence and strength. 

You can also check out my Top 23 Best Feng Shui Bracelet Ideas Here. These include some of my favorite ideas and are a quick guide to get you started with Feng Shui jewelry. 

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